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Tibetan Prayer Flags

Himalaya Fest Vancouver Island 2024

Celebrating Himalayan Culture on

Vancouver Island

We are excited to announce a momentous occasion: the inaugural Himalaya Fest Vancouver Island, scheduled for October 5, 2024, at Centennial Square, Victoria, British Columbia. This festival's essence lies in its capacity to unite individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Our platform warmly welcomes communities from Nepal, Northern India, Bhutan, Northeastern Afghanistan, Northeastern Pakistan, Myanmar, and Tibet. By providing a stage to highlight their unique traditions, arts, customs, music, and culinary delights, our goal extends beyond bridging cultural divides. We aim to intricately weave stronger bonds of unity among these multifaceted groups.
Himalaya Fest Vancouver Island, HFVI, is an initiative passionately led by the Tibetan Cultural Society of Vancouver Island (TCSOVI). Our primary mission is to celebrate and preserve the vibrant tapestry of Himalayan culture and identity within the diverse Canadian landscape of Vancouver Island. Aligned with the principles of Canadian multiculturalism, we take great pride in the diverse heritage of the Himalayan regions.
This festival draws inspiration from the renowned International Himalayan Festival in Northern India. This grand celebration commemorates the Nobel Peace Prize bestowed upon His Holiness the Dalai Lama on October 5th, 1989. Emanating a profound influence on the Himalayan cultural landscape, this festival serves as a guiding light for our endeavor to craft an unforgettable experience right here on Vancouver Island. We hope that we can host a Himalaya Fest in every second year. 
Goal/Vision of Himalaya Fest: 
To celebrate and preserve the vibrant tapestry of Himalayan culture within the Canadian mosaic on Vancouver Island
Mission/essence of Himalaya Fest:  
To intricately weave stronger bonds of unity across the rich and diverse cultures of the Himalayan regions by providing a stage to highlight their unique traditions, arts, customs, music, and culinary delights
Objectives of Festival:
  • To improve belonging and a sense of cultural pride across the unique cultures of the Himalayan regions
  • To contribute to  cultural preservation
  • To enhance cross-cultural understanding and multiculturalism
  • To showcase the vibrant and distinct cultural traditions of the Himalayan regions.

Festival Program

Territory Acknowledgement
Guest Speakers
Prayers for World Peace
Himalayan Songs
Himalayan Dance performances
Himalayan Ethnic Clothing Show
Circle Dances

Ground Activities

Cultural Exhibitions
Himalayan Vendors Market
Himalayan Foods
Online Silent Auction
Raffle Prizes
Health & Wellness Services
Family Friendly Fun & Activities 

Ways to involve in Himalaya Fest:




                                 To ensure the success and seamless execution of Himalaya Fest Vancouver Island, we are providing sponsorship opportunities for businesses seeking to amplify their reach while endorsing our cause can explore our comprehensive sponsorship plan, aligning your brand with Himalaya Fest Vancouver Island 2024.

As a valued contributor to community initiatives and cultural celebrations, your generous sponsorship would significantly contribute to the realization of our vision for a unifying and enriching event that celebrates diversity and fosters cross-cultural understanding.


We recognize that the success of such an event heavily relies on the support and generosity of community-minded individuals and organizations like yours. Your contribution, whether through sponsorship, donation, or any form of support, will significantly contribute to the realization of our shared vision for the Himalaya Fest Vancouver Island. Your involvement will not only make a tangible impact on the success of the event but also showcase your commitment to multiculturalism and cultural preservation.






















We would be delighted to participate and offer any necessary support you may require to organize small fundraising activities for the Himalaya Fest Vancouver Island 2024. Please feel free to reach out to us at to initiate further discussions.


As a non-governmental cultural society, our endeavors thrive on the dedication of volunteers. If you possess the time and willingness to contribute, please share your name and contact information. We eagerly anticipate your involvement.



If you belong to a community in the Himalayan Region, we invite you to collaborate with us as a host partner. If you represent an Immigrant Welcome Center, we would love to have you as a support partner for the festival. Come join us as we embark on an incredible journey of celebrating and enriching our cultures together. We look forward to hearing from you.

Support Letters

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